2010 NFL Draft review: Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons calmly took the best player available (on their boards) with each of there first four picks. They did land a complete linebacker with the 19th overall pick in Sean Weatehrspoon. I am not going to say that OLB was not a need n this team, it just wasn’t their primary need. That may balance itself out if Weatehrspoon turns into something very special. However, when we consider that they did not have a second round pick not drafting to a primary need seems highly questionable.

The Falcons had to wait for 64 selections before selecting DT Corey Peters with the 83rd overall pick. In that time 10 DT’s came off the board. Peters was a three year starter at Kentucky, but Peters was the last DT the Sporting News ranked in their annual draft guide and they gave him a 7th round grade. The Falcons also failed to draft a DE, and the biggest areas of concern on this team was a lackluster pass rush and a secondary that had a hard time stopping their opponents. They scored when Dominique Franks fell to them in the fifth round, but the failure to add a DE when John Abraham is 32 years of age has to be questioned.

With that being said here is a look at the initial grades for teh Falcons 2010 draft class:

Round One: B, not their biggest need, but might be a special talent
Round Three: C, Peters is not a sensational DT
•Round Three: B, Mike Johnson is a depth pick at Guard and a pretty good one
•Talent: B, Weatehrspoon has a chance to be something special we have to wait and see
•Need: B, Having Franks fall to them in the fifth really helps out the grade in the short term
•Average: B-

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