Kim Kardashian uses Twitter to strike out at phone blingers NYC Peach

Kim Kardashian is wielding her 3 million follower Twitter status in an attempt to get her phone back from a company that custom-blings devices for hundreds of dollars.

A cursory web search reveals ongoing doubts about the company, NYC Peach, going back as far as 2006. Posts around the web indicate that while NYC Peach may have been talented at creating shiny phones, communication and customer service were never their strongest points. Kardashian claims in a series of tweets that the owner of NYC Peach, Sarah Gold, mislead the reality show star about the status of her phone’s blingification and refuses to answer calls or emails:

Remember when I asked u guys about a good company 2 bling out my phone. I sent my camera 2 get blinged and they never returned it! Thieves!

she kept emailing me saying it was on its way! RT @KhloeKardashian @KimKardashian Shut up!! Blast the company name so no one else uses them

I sent my camera 2 Sarah Gold at NYC Peach in Dec,its now May she promised 2 send it dozens of times.She now won’t respond 2 calls or emails

@RubyWooScarlet She approached me on twitter! I tried 2 resolve this thru emails and numerous calls, just don’t want this 2 happen 2 others

Kim’s sister Khloe got in on the bashing, too, offering to step in and get Gold to cough up the phone:

@KimKardashian Shut up!! Blast the company name so no one else uses them or I will if you do not want to.

Who thinks @kimkardashian should announce what company stole her camera when they said they would bedazzle it?

@KimKardashian she needs to be put on blast. How dare she thinks she can steal from u and get away w/it

Kim hasn’t tweeted yet whether her Twitter campaign has shamed Gold into returning the possibly blingy phone.