Google announces Chrome Web Store at Google I/O

Today at Google I/O, Google announced a yet-to-be-opened Chrome Web Store for web-based applications.

Although the app store looks like it will be set up in Chrome, “anyone using a modern browser that supports these web technologies” (such as HTML5) will be able to run the apps. A sparse post on the Chromium blog talked a bit about the initiative:

Google Chrome users who find web apps in the store will be able to create convenient shortcuts in Chrome for easy access. Also, developers will have the option to easily sell their apps through the store using a convenient and secure payment system.

VP of product management at Google Sundar Pichai demonstrated some of the apps that will be available in the Chrome Web Store, including a Sports Illustrated app and a Lego Star Wars game. Tweetdeck and the game Plants vs. Zombies were among apps mentioned for the upcoming app store, too.

You can read a bit more about the Chrome Web store on Google’s official blog, and if you’re interested from a developer’s standpoint, Google has published some “preliminary documentation” here. No specific information on when the store will open has been made available as of yet.