Facebook and FarmVille are friends again

Last week, relations were said to be at a potentially fatal low between Zynga, makers of FarmVille and Mafia Wars, and Facebook. This week, they’re all chummy again, both companies having hit the “Accept Friend” button and signed a truce over the handling of virtual currency. Awww.

Until recently, reports suggested that Zynga was becoming distinctly pissed off by Facebook, which takes a fat 30% of all money spent on virtual currency transactions. That’s lead not to a split, as some predicted, but to a new five-year pact being signed by Zynga and Facebook.

Zynga distributed a press release earlier today, stating that it had signed a new pact with Facebook, and announcing it would be giving Facebook Credits a trial run in “select games,” with plans afoot to feature the currency in future titles.

Rumors that Zynga has started retagging Facebook in all its photos and left a wall post ending in “luv u xoxoxoxoxox” are totally made up.

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[Via Kotaku]