[RUMOR] Microsoft’s Project Natal to cost $200?

The Xbox 360’s motion-sensing ‘Natal’ controller is expected to launch later this year, but what will it cost? Microsoft hasn’t said yet, but the sites of three separate Swedish retailers have the MSRP at 1,499 kr – that’s just under $200.

Obviously, it’s worth highlighting that this is still not confirmed by Microsoft. Indeed, Microsoft big cheese Aaron Greenberg dismissed the rumors on Twitter, stating that, “Retailers are not yet aware of pricing details for Project Natal and pre-order pricing is pure speculation.”

It’s a tad strange how three retailers conjured up the same price on the same day, but there you go. I’m not going to call the man a liar.

Obviously, we’ve heard all sorts of rumored prices for Natal, from $50 and now $200, but I’d guess the real price lies between these. $200 would be obscene for a device that I believe Microsoft needs to make an impulse purchase.

Frankly, such a price tag would bury Natal before it got started. PlayStation Move, it’s worth remembering, is half that price.

[Via MTV Multiplayer]