What school makes the most sense to join the Big 10

The Big Ten wants to expand, and there have been many rumors as to which schools it would like to add, but the most constant rumors have them targeting Notre Dame, Pitt, and Rutgers. While all these teams make a lot of sense for the football side of things, some are tougher fit for the other sports programs. In the end it will be very interesting which way the wind blows on Big Ten expansion but here is a quick look at who makes the most sense and why.

1. Notre Dame- This school already has big rivalries with Michigan and Michigan State. It would make a lot of sense for its football program to be in the Big Ten, but the same cannot be said for its basketball program which operates in the Big East. Notre Dame already makes BCS money on football and has its own TV deal with NBC. In the end the Big Ten needs them more then they need it.

2. Pitt- They would fit in the conference geographically, and they could resume their rivalry with Penn State. It would also give the school more national appeal. Their basketball team is becoming a power and they to play in the basketball heavy Big East.

3. Rutgers- Rutgers would bring the Big Ten network a huge market along the New Jersey turnpike. They are committed to winning, and they fit in the Big Ten academically. However they do not get much media coverage, they have next to now history or tradition, and one has to wonder how many New Jersey-New York-Philly sports fans are going to pay for a higher sports tier to watch the Big Ten network.

In the end there is probably not a perfect fit, and these three schools make more sense in my mind then Missouri, Texas, or any of the other schools that have been rumored for Big Ten Expansion.

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