Portal now totally free on Steam

Know how I’m always harping on about Portal being the best game I played in the last five years? How its mix of mind-bending puzzles with black-as-coal humor and astounding narrative elevates it above so many other games?

Well now it’s free until May 24. As in TOTALLY FRICKEN’ FREE.

No strings, nothing to sign up to, it’s just RIGHT HERE, the full game, waiting to be downloaded to your PC or Mac (both versions are – did I mention this? – free). This is Valve’s way of celebrating today’s launch of its Steam download service on Macs, and what an offer it is.

Obviously, with the sequel out later this year, Valve has an ulterior motive for offering Portal for nothing, but now you have no excuse to play a shooter that won over 70 Game of the Year awards. FOR FREE.

[Portal is FREE!]