Facebook Sees More Phishing Scams Than Google And IRS [Report]

Kaspersky Lab has released a new study in which they have found that Facebook is now the fourth most popular online target for scammers.

PayPal remains the largest site for phishing scams with 52.2% of all scams focusing on the popular payment portal. Ebay (owner of Paypal) is targeted second at 13.3%, while HSBC is targeted third with 7.8% of all scams. Facebook isn’t far behind at 5.7% of scams.

The phishing attacks shouldn’t surprise many people as even Facebook board member Jim Breyer watched recently as his account was hacked after a misleading Facebook event invitation.

Facebook is one spot ahead of number five site Google.com which according to Mashable receives 3.1% of attacks and the IRS which attracts a rather low 2.2% of phishing attacks.

The report also revealed that links to phishing based websites are now popping up in 0.57% of all mail traffic. [full report]