Walmart giving used games market a second chance

Because the second-hand videogames market is basically paved with gold, Walmart has decided to give selling used games another shot. Walmart backed out of selling second-hand games earlier this year, but has been tempted back, as I predicted, by the fat profit margins.

Oh, sorry, I mean “to give customers more convenience and savings.” Yeah, that’s it. On that note, here’s a statement from Walmart reads:

“Walmart is always looking for new ways to help give customers more convenience and savings, and we continually test concepts with new products and businesses in stores and online. We are currently working with Game Trade, a start-up services provider, in a lease agreement to test their Game Trade stores in five Walmart locations.”

Walmart has confirmed you can trade in your old games for “Game Trade store credit or cash,” though when this is happening is not yet known.

[Via IndustryGamers]