Western Digital WD TV Live HD, First Media Hub To Get Windows 7 Support

Western Digital updated their WD TV Live HD units today, giving the media hub the ability to recognize Windows 7, a first for any media hub currently available on the market.

By receiving the patched firmware users can see the hub as a destination for the Windows’ Play To feature. Users can then choose the content from their computer, instead of using the hub, which means you don’t have to first load the media player to watch video, look at photos or listen to music.

According to Electronista:

“It should still support any format and feature that was already recognized by the hub before the update, such as 1080p video and recognition of most common media formats. Internet radio from Live365 or Pandora still needs control directly from the WD TV Live’s remote.”

You can buy the unit for $150 and you’ll have Windows 7 and Mac OS X support at your disposal, definitely not to shabby for the price.