Lindsay Lohan’s Luck Continues to Sour

We told you that Lindsay Lohan’s professional life wasn’t a-ok, but it’s all relative. Sure, she has plenty of cash and is high-profile, but her professional engagements are a little on the sparse side. The most recent job cancellation was her gig hosting the World Music Awards in Monaco, after she made bosses panic about whether or not she could handle the job.

That, and she’s also a diva. Word has it that Jesse Metcalfe was called in to give her some support, but supposedly that didn’t sit well with the “star” presenter. A source told The Mirror that:

“The organisers had gone through a list of who was hot at the moment and returned to Lindsay again. But the feedback they got was really negative. They got worried and decided to change it. In the end it was decided by both parties it was better if she pulled out.”

Her replacement? Denise Richards! That makes me a little bit sad. When will Lilo get some good gigs?