Video: Kid tasered after rushing field at Phillies game

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ran out onto the field during a MLB game?

Well, ponder no more- we got the answer when an unidentified 17-year-old kid hopped a barrier during the eighth inning last night at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park and started running around the outfield, giving chase to security. He wasn’t as pleased when security personnel finally caught up to him and totally tased his ass in front of the whole stadium. The boy has been charged with criminal trespass, and has gained his 15 minutes of internet fame from the clip below.

According to Gothamist, this is the first time a taser has been used to “neutralize” a fan at an MLB event, but my money’s on it not being the last. MLB brass and local police are said to be reviewing the situation to see if appropriate force was used- do you think the situation warranted a tasing?