Solar City Tower Creates Huge Waterfall Above Sea Level, Enough Power For Summer Olympics

How do you turn your cities Summer Olympic Games into the most showy in history? You build a 105 meter high waterfall above sea level and then control it with solar power.

The waterfall, which will be featured on one side of a solar power plant will not only be a cool sight to see, it will make the games carbon-neutral.

The committee behind the power plant expects that the plant will gather more than enough sunlight for the games, while excess seawater will be pumped into reservoirs and then emptied into turbines to power the games at night. The city plans to use the waterfall during the games “only for special occasions.”

The building that supports the waterfall is also expected to feature balconies, various restaurants, entertainment areas, bungee jumping and a “glass sky walk” on the very top.

There’s just one catch, it’s not guaranteed to be built at this time, with plans and funding still under consideration…damn. [Slashgear]

Here are some more shots of the waterfalls design: (click to enlarge)