LG Ally With Google Android Confirmed For May 20th

The LG Ally promises to deliver quick functionality with a sleek design and Google Android capabilities and now we have an official release day, May 20th.

While no carrier was announced during the companies press release, Verizon is largely expected to receive the device in CDMA form and will apparently come with a ton of Iron Man 2 tie-in content, including an augmented reality type application.

Little else is known at this time other than the fact that it’s a full QWERTY device with a touchscreen

More information should be released soon, you can keep checking for updates by clicking here. It’s kind of funny because the site still says check back on April 30th, which since I last checked had already passed. LG is expected to hold a press release in New York on May 11th where more will be known about the Ally. [Engadget]