Election 08: Where to find voting poll locations, voting hours

After a marathon race, the 2008 US Presidential Election is finally here. Voters go to the polls Tuesday morning to elect the 44th President of the United States.

Media reports indicate a record turn out is expected this year off the back of a surge in new voter registrations, and early voting has been delivering some major numbers. Delays are expected at polling places, so timing will be everything to minimize time taken to vote.

Here's the best places you can use to answer the following questions: voting polls times/ what time do polls open and where to vote/ voting poll locations.

Google Maps

Google has a dedicated site run jointly with the League of Women Voters that allows anyone to look up their nearest polling place, and the times the polls will open and close.


Vote411 has a poll finder and other related election information, ideal for last minute information.

Can I Vote?

If you're not sure if you're registered to vote, head over to Can I Vote to confirm your details. If you're not showing, don't not vote, most States allow for a provisional vote where a name doesn't appear on the roll.

Overseas Vote Foundation

Information on voting if you're living or traveling outside of the United States

Pew Center on the States

Information on poll opening and closing times.

Go Vote Absentee

Information of voting absentee if you're traveling within the United States

Brennan Center for Justice

Voting information for Students

Election Protection

Monitors voting problems. Place to report issues or track them as they happen.

Most of all remember: you should most definitely VOTE!

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