2010 NFL Draft in review: Seattle Seahawks

I am a pretty big fan of what this team did in the draft. With their first two first round picks they got two of the better prospects in this draft in OT Russell Okung, and S Earl Thomas. They made two draft day trades to add veteran running backs Len Dale White and Leon Washington. They pick up a nice offensive weapon in WR Golden Tate, and then used their remaining picks to go after depth or other offensive weapons.

Sure these moves are a tad bit risky, but as a fan base the Seahawks can be glad that their team was willing to take the chances. I am not sold with what they have at QB, but it will get them through the 2010 season. I would have liked to have seen them pickup a young starter to develop, but it is hard to argue with how they have chosen to begin the rebuild job on this team. Okung is a stud, Thomas will improve the secondary. Tate is a weapon, they also picked up Kam Chancellor in the fifth round and he was well though off as well.

With all that being said let us see how their 2010 initial draft day grade is broken down:

•Need- A+, They address all their needs, with picks or with trades
•Talent A+, from top to bottom a very fine draft class
•Round One- A+, they get Okung and Thomas no team could hope to do better
•Round Two- A, Even with moving down some 20 spots they score a big time prospect
•Round Three- A, they made trades to upgrade their running game
•Average- A+ I am very high on this class and hopefully a good number of these moves work out for this team