What is the deal with Jamarcus Russell?

I do not understand what is going on with Al Davis’ mind. He goes out and has a great draft, and it looks like the team is finally going to take a turn around, yet he is still unwilling to admit that QB Jamarcus Russell just is not going to be a good QB for his team. No one can make a guy want to work hard, and according to JT the Brick Russell is just a guy who doesn’t want it bad enough. However keeping him on the roster is a distraction at best, and a cancer at worst.

The San Diego Chargers blew it on the Ryan Leaf pick, and they paid a big price for it. In the end because they were so bad they ended up drafting LaDainian Tomlinson and moved on. The Raiders do not have an impact player like that yet, but it is time to move on from Russell. I don’t get it, Davis seems to think that Lane Kiffin was obsessed about the drafting of Russell but now it really seems like Davis is the one obsessed.

Al Davis once said that Russell will be a great NFL QB, while Davis might see that in Russell, Jamarcus is going to be the one that has to put the work in, to be that. So far in his career he seems unwilling to do just that. That is not a referendum on Davis or his football genius, but the profile of a guy to lazy to put in the work who got spoiled by a big time contract. It happens to every NFL team, and the mistake is always letting them stay around too long.