Late May Kindle 2.5 update includes Twitter, Facebook, content options

If you’ve got a Kindle or Kindle DX, your device is going to get a bit more social come late May.

At the top of the interest list for new Kindle features in Kindle Version 2.5 include connectivity to social networking sites, allowing you to share passages and quotes with contacts on Facebook and Twitter. User consensus is also coming to the Kindle in the way of highlighted passages from the Kindle community indicating which passages fellow readers found to be the most interesting.

Not all the new features are geared toward sharing, though- the update will also allow you to finally password protect your Kindle so if someone picks it up, they won’t find out you’re addicted to paranormal romance novels. Also being added is the ability to organize books into collections, a feature that will come in handy for those with a vast collection of e-books or a touch of OCD. And if reading electronically is killing your eyes, the Kindle is also getting two new, larger fonts and increased font “sharpness.”

Amazon says the update will automatically install on Kindles in batches, and users don’t have to take any additional steps to get to the new features.