Steam for Mac delayed until May 12

Last month, Valve confirmed that its hugely successful Steam downloadable games service would be coming to Macs. That’s pretty big news, especially if you’re a Mac gamer who’s spent years enviously eyeing up the PC’s superior line-up.

The service was supposed to kick off in April, but to everybody’s amazement, Valve has delayed something. Fortunately, we’re not talking Half-Life 2: Episode Three-style delays here: instead, the public release of Steam for the Mac will launch on May 12.

What games will Steam on Mac launch with? Valve’s not saying, though we do know that Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal and the Half-Life series will appear at some point.

On a related note, if you played through Portal and didn’t love it more than your own firstborn, then congratulations, you are officially a drooling simpleton of the highest order.

Actually, sorry, that isn’t related at all. But my god, it needed saying.

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