Cable Company Looking At Web-TV Technology

Time Warner Cable is developing new technology to get into the television-based web game.

CEO Glenn Britt tells Reuters his company is building a new wireless cable modem that’ll let customers hook their whole homes up to the net. He describes it as equipment that will “allow you to network everything in your house.”

“Within a relatively short time … it’s going to be very easy to get Internet TV on your big screen TV,” he explained to Reuters at a conference in New York today.

Britt didn’t elaborate as to exactly how the network would work or when it’d be launched.

Time Warner Cable won’t be the first company trying to bring the net to the tube. Netflix released its Roku Netflix Player earlier this month. The box lets you watch video content from Netflix on your television via a Wi-Fi or cable connection. Apple has a similar service with its Apple TV, letting you rent movies and stream other online content through your TV.