Nokia N8 Shows Off 720P Video Capabilities, Amazing Results Ensue

The Nokia N8 offers a 12MP camera and 720P playback, to prove how much that means for video enthusiasts Nokia hired a professional (we assume) videographer, gave them a well lit background and produced what is surely some of the most stunning mobile video we have ever seen.

The Nokia N8 was leaked a few days ago and was given a big thumbs down by Mobile-Review, Nokia wanted to quickly squash those rumors and this was an amazing attempt that in my opinion has made that initial look seem a bit foolish and premature.

Is the Nokia N8 the most sleek phone we’ve seen to date? Hell no. Is the Symbian^3 operating system going to replace Google Android as Apple’s main competitor? Not a chance. But when it comes to video the craptastic iPhone camera doesn’t stand an iota of a chance next to this beast of a machine.

Here’s the video:


So what do you think, are you ready to pick up the Nokia N8 for the camera, I’m practically already waiting in line, even if the European model won’t be released until sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2010.