2010 NFL Draft review: Detroit Lions

I am not exactly sure how I feel about the Detroit Lions draft class of 2010. On one hand they got a highly coveted prospect in Ndamukong Suh, but there is a very high risk associated with taking a guy with so much hype behind him. They traded up in to the bottom end of the first round to take Jahvid Best the RB from Cal, and he has a long history of injury. Much like 2009, I like the Lions mid round picks the best. They picked up Amari Spievey in the third round, and the bulky six foot seven OT Jason Fox in the fourth round.

What Lions fans have to hope is that Suh becomes the guy they rebuild the defense around, and Best is a good enough weapon that it won’t matter that he is not an every down back. I would also expect 7th round pick Tim Toone to develop into a quality special team player. If all that happens and no one gets cut down by injury it is a very nice draft class. If not well, we shall see.

So with that being said let us break down the Lions 2010 draft day initial grades:

•Need: B, they failed to address a glaring hole at OLB, but added a starter and depth in the D line
•Talent- A, Suh and Best were highly rated prospects, Spievey was a mid round pick, and the rest are projects
•Round One- A, one of he finest DT prospects to come along in quite sometime
•Round One- B, they gave up a lot to move up four spots, and he is injury prone
•Round Three- A, They needed a CB desperately, and he should fill hat need
•Average- High B+

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