Sony Debuts HT-SF470 5.1 Surround System Throws In CT350 and CT150 Soundbar Announcements

I’m a sucker for a nice sleek looking sound system, even before I get a chance to turn it on and listen the sound it creates, so I was on-board immediately this morning when I took a closer look at the Sony HT-SF470 system with 5.1 surround and a 3D-capable 1000 watt (157W x 5 +167W sub) system.

The HT-SF470 also features three HDMI inputs and an HDMI pass-through port, while providing for BRAVIA Sync, a digital media port and an optional iPod cradle. The unit also comes equipped with two digital audio inputs (coax/optical) and a digital cinema auto calibration feature for quick and easy setup.

Sony is also offering a few new soundbar options which includes the 400W (100 watts x 3 channels + 100 watts subwoofer) HT-CT350 and the HT-CT150 with 340W (85 watts x 3 channels + 85 watts sub). Both soundbars offers three HDMI inputs and an HDMI output and both support LPCM Blu-ray Disc audio with 3D pass-trhough. You’ll also receive dual digital audio inputs and Bravia Sync again with iPod cradle abilities.

The CT350 also features a bracket so you can attach it to Sony HDTV’s with 40″ or larger displays, while the CT150 can attach to 32-inch sets.

The soundbars will run you $400 for the CT350 and $300 for the C150, while the HT-SF470 will push your cost to $550. All units go on sale in June. [SlashGear]