[RUMOR] Nintendo 3DS getting October release date

Nintendo’s as-yet-unseen Nintendo 3DS handheld still hasn’t been revealed to a feverish gaming public, but Brit games site CVG is already reporting the device will arrive in stores this October.

Quoting “UK industry sources,” the site claims the handheld, a direct successor to the Nintendo DS line of handhelds with 3D graphics, will be launched a full two months before Christmas.

Nintendo dismissed the report as “rumor and speculation,” though an October 2010 launch date is perfectly plausible. Not only would it mean the new handheld gets a good run-up to the Christmas season, Nintendo itself has promised the 3DS will launch “before March 2011”.

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait a while longer before getting the chance to see the new hardware – it’s scheduled to be shown off at the E3 games expo this June.

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[Via CVG]