Kim Kardashian Baby Name Speculation Begins Immediately After Early Birth

Kim Kardashian may have given birth close to five weeks early, but speculation on her baby’s name didn’t miss a beat.

After Kim and Kanye West welcomed their newborn girl into the world on Saturday, speculation over what they will name the baby started almost immediately. Several blogs have lists of potential names, and bookmakers are trying to cash in by offering odds on girls names.

Kanye and Kim Kardashian added to the anticipation over the baby’s name by revealing little of their intentions during her pregnancy. They never gave away their thoughts on the name, other than a few hints and asides here and there.

Some think Kanye West already leaked the baby’s name. There were reports that he came up with a list of potential names during Paris Fashion Week, and his favorite was North (which would make the baby’s legal name North West). But there was nothing to support this rumor, and when asked about it in an interview with Jay Leno, Kim Kardashian said she like the idea of Easton West.

So with little to go on from the couple, and no official word on a name within a few hours of the child’s birth, there was growing speculation online as to what Kim Kardashian would name her baby girl.

Most speculators, including Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, seem to think the couple will continue in the Kardashian tradition and pick a “K” name. The bookmaker had good odds for Kay (20/1), Kim (8/1), and Kris (20/1). Paddy Power gave it 25/1 odds that the publicity happy couple would name the baby after themselves — Kimye.

The couple could also pick one of the other popular “K” names. Baby Center pointed out that Katelyn, which ranked No. 34 for girls in 2013, could be a good bet.


It could also be that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian simply hadn’t picked a name yet for their baby girl. She wasn’t due until July 11, but Kardashian “felt sick” last night and went into labor, with Kanye rushing away from a record industry party to be by her side.

Speculation over celebrity names is a pretty standard practice. Sometimes a celebrity surprises us and picks a common name, most of the time the Hollywood trend of naming kids after fruits and other objects comes into play.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s baby name in the meantime is anyone’s guess. Kanye and Kim both have a flare for over the top lifestyles which likely means there child will have an over the top name.

What is your best name guess for the West-Kardashian baby?