‘Last Of Us’ Autosave Bug Quickly Addressed By Naughty Dog

The Last of US autosave bug that caused gamers to lose some of their progress has been addressed and corrected by the folks at Naughty Dog.

Players who decided to snap up a copy of the acclaimed video game encountered a serious problem during their recent adventures. Although the game claims to automatically save your progress, apparently nothing was actually being preserved.

According to Polygon, the problem started on Naughty Dog’s servers. The issue was quickly resolved without the use of a patch. Instead of downloading a solution, playerrs were instructed to restart the game and continue the campaign. This should correct the problem.

A handful of individuals were able to skirt the issue by manually saving their progress. However, some said The Last of Us autosave bug would also make it impossible for gamers to use the manual save feature. Not surprisingly, those who had sunk hours into the adventure weren’t exactly thrilled with the news.

In a statement to IGN, Naughty Dog said the autosave problem has been fixed. However, the company intends to monitor social media in case something else goes wrong with the title down the road.

Naughty Dog said in a statement to the website:


“Some players may have been encountering an issue with ‘The Last of Us’ which affected the autosave feature, which can result in a loss of progress in the single-player campaign. The team at Naughty Dog has been diligently investigating as soon as we heard from our community, and we have determined the cause to be on servers for ‘The Last of Us’ which were capturing player statistics. We have made a change to ours to address this issue. All players should quit any game in progress out to the XMB and restart ‘The Last of Us.’ All players can now enjoy single-player and online multiplayer matches as normal.”

While you may have lost a bit of progress thanks to the bug, you should now be able to move forward without fear of losing your data. Folks who encounter any problems within the game are encouraged to contact Naughty Dog about the issue.

Did you pick up a copy of The Last of Us? Were you affected by the recent autosave bug?