Will ‘Man Of Steel’ Break The June Record At The Box Office?

Man of Steel had a strong opening at the domestic box office on Thursday evening, collecting an estimated $12 million, together with an additional $9 million at midnight showings for a grand total of $21 million. Comparing these numbers to Robert Downey Jr Iron Man 3, which debuted with $15.6 million at the same time in the week.

Other big openings in June include The Hunger Games ($19.74 million), The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ($30.1 million), The Dark Knight ($18.5 million), and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 ($43.5 million).

But there are certain considerations in comparing those films to Man of Steel none of them had a late Thursday evening showtime and The Hunger Games, Eclipse, and The Dark Knight didn’t have showings in 3D which is more expensive for moviegoers.

So could Superman break the June record at the box office? It is very likely. Some are estimating that it could make up to $150 million for the weekend. Warner Bros. was expecting a very conservative $85 million.

Deadline.com, Warner Bros. is reporting that Warner Bros.executives are extremely happy with the movie’s performance so far. The website estimates now (at 1 pm on Friday) $42.5 to $47.5 million today, plus “4-day cumes ranging from $126 to $132 million.”

Alt Film Guide expects the the Zack Snyder movie to gross closer to $115-$120 million.


Other versions also had successful openings. Superman Returns opened with $52.53 million in late June 2006, or approximately $64 million adjusted for inflation. Superman with Christopher Reeve collected $134.21 million at the domestic box office in 1978/79, or approximately $455 million today.

The fan reviews so far are positive, but critics are mixed. Also, we have to wait until the crowds of comic book fans can be allowed to watch it, that’s when the true numbers will come in. This is a version which shows a more human, vulnerable Superman.

Man of Steel opened today in the US and some international markets. We will be awaiting the weekend box office reports. Watch the latest trailer Now Playing Spot #1.