Maria Sharapova Tweets Wimbledon Nike Tennis Dress

Maria Sharapova is getting into the Wimbledon spirit. Earlier in the week, she quietly tweeted a photograph of her new Nike Tennis Dress.

The All England Club at Wimbledon is one of the most historic and traditional tennis tournaments in the world — demanding the white tennis dresses.

Of course, 26-year-old Sharapova will likely have to meet her nemesis, 31-year-old Serena Williams, there. And that could be a difficult job.

The Bleacher Report’s Lindsay Gibbs summed up a popular prediction after Williams defeated Sharapova on red clay in the 2013 French Open:

“If Serena Williams was unstoppable on her worst surface, how dangerous will she be on her best?

“I just can’t see anyone stopping her the way she is playing. She’s got so much momentum and confidence right now that it’s hard to see her stopping her domination anytime soon.”

Maria Sharapova is currently the World No. 3 Women’s Tennis Association player and the top Russian player.

In the 2013 French Open, Maria Sharapova was the defending champion but she was ultimately defeated by No. 1 ranked Serena Williams. Williams has now beaten Sharapova 13 times in a row, even on the red clay surface that some people thought would represent the younger player’s best chance to defeat her rival.

Wimbledon will begin on June 24, where they will likely meet again. Of course, this historic tournament will be played on lawn.

As you can see in the tweet below, Sharapova is trying to get mentally and physically ready for the conditions.


And here’s the tweet where Sharapova announced the arrival of her new dress:

We all know that it isn’t about the shoes. But style still counts for something.

So what do you think of Maria Sharapova’s Wimbledon Nike tennis dress?

[photo courtesy Maria Sharapova via Twitter]