What Does Former Superman Dean Cain Think Of Henry Cavill?

Man of Steel opens in theaters across the world today and former Superman Dean Cain is weighing in on the current man in the red cape, Henry Cavill.

Dean played Superman for four years in the nineties TV series Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman alongside Terry Hatcher who played his love interest, reporter Lois Lane. The show focused heavily in the relationship and its ups and downs.

So what does Dean Cain think of the new Superman, Henry Cavill in Man of Steel?

“He’s kind of fit. I’m just sayin’!” Dean told Kit Hoover and Billy Bush with a laugh, on Thursday’s Access Hollywood Live. “Yeah, Henry looks great.”

You can say that again. Henry has made quite the impression playing the superhero. He went through intensive physical training before and during production.

Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane is the new version said that his dedication to the part was obvious and that he would get up before everyone else so he could train before filming began.

Director Zack Snyder said that when Henry Cavill auditioned for the part he knew he had his man, when he tried on the suit, it was perfect.

Dean Cain is currently starring in VH1’s new show Hit the Floor, but says he is very single at the moment. He added that the beautiful women in the show are “a little young” for him right now, mostly in their twenties. Dean is 46.


It appears that the former Superman approves of Henry Cavill. Man of Steel and Henry Cavill are the talk not only around Hollywood, but all over the world, as the film opens. There is great expectation that this will be one of the most successful impersonations of the character.

Believe it or not the choice of Henry Cavill did not meet with immediate approval because he is British, but having seen the film, his accent is almost flawless.

Will you go to see Man of Steel over the weekend?

[Image via Aspen Photo / Shutterstock.com]