Butt Implant Death: Woman Dies After Receiving $2,300 Injections

A woman died hours after receiving $2,300 butt implants at a strip mall surgery center, a death her family say should have been prevented.

Suyima Torres paid cash for the surgery to enhance her rump in April, then afterward became disoriented and struggled to the parking lot. The 28-year-old mother of two complained of being cold despite the hot weather in Miami that day, witnesses said.

“I was looking at her, and she fell down so I went outside, I picked her up, I asked her where’s her car,” a neighboring business owner told NBC 6.

He dialed 911 and an ambulance rushed her to the hospital, but she died within hours of receiving the butt implants. Though Torres was accompanied to the hospital by Ruth Planas, owner of Cuerpos Health and Aesthetics, she failed to tell doctors about the surgery Torres just had.

“Maybe if that woman would’ve told them early my daughter would still be here,” said Coralia Espinosa, Torres’ mother.

Just 16 days earlier another woman, 20-year-old Dailen Garcia, was hospitalized after receiving butt implants from the same facility. She had been hospitalized with vision problems and bleeding in the lungs, and now is suing the facility.

Butt implant deaths have become something of an epidemic. In January police in Memphis charged 39-year-old Natasha Stewart after she gave illegal butt implants to a woman who later died. Investigators said she used the silicone-like substance Garner, which created blood clots in the woman’s lungs.

In a 2011 case, a woman flew from London to Philadelphia for a “butt pumping party” and later died. Police tied the death to Padge Windslowe, who was charged with third-degree murder. Windslowe is also accused of sending another woman to the hospital because of faulty butt implants.

The Miami-Dade Police Department is looking into the butt implant death of Suyima Torres, but has not named Planas as a suspect. The center’s owner is believed to have fled the country.

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