Giuliana Rancic Opens Up About Miss USA Swimsuits, Having More Children

Giuliana Rancic recently discussed her feelings about the swimsuit portion of the Miss USA pageant and the fact that she wants to have more children.

The E! News veteran is set to co-host the Miss USA pageant this Sunday. While some people were deeply concerned about the future of the swimsuit portion of the competition, apparently these folks have nothing to worry about.

Although the Miss World organization is doing away with swimsuits, Miss USA is sticking with it. Guiliana Rancic believes this portion of the competition works for some pageants and not others. Rancic also said she respects the decision made by Donald Trump and pageant organizers.

“Every pageant is so different. I think for Miss USA it’s just what they have done from the beginning, it works for the Miss USA pageant,” Rancic told The Washington Post during a recent conference call.

Trump told the folks at Fox and Friends on Monday the swimsuit portion of the pageant would be present and accounted for on Monday. He believes this is the reason most people tune in.

“Well, I own Miss Universe, so I’m actually very happy about it — because if they don’t have bikinis their ratings go right down the tubes,” he explained.

When she isn’t co-hosting beauty pageants, Giuliana Rancic is busy with her reality series Giuliana and Bill. The E! News host told Access Hollywood she and her husband were considering having more children. However, Bill isn’t entirely sold on expanding the family just yet.

“Any time we have a rough time with Duke, he’s like, ‘What do you think about just one?’ I’m like, ‘Bill, I’m Italian, I need a big family.’ I mean, there’s nothing more beautiful. I think [you should] have as many kids as you can handle!” she explained.

The 2013 Miss USA Competition will broadcast live from Las Vegas on June 16. The new season of Giuliana and Bill will premiere on July 16.

Are you a fan of Giuliana Rancic? What do you think about the E! News host’s thoughts on the upcoming beauty competition?

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