Farrah Abraham Says She ‘Pleasures Herself To Her Sex Tape’

Cassie Boss

Farrah Abraham makes news again, stating to Howard Stern that she pleasures herself to her own sex tape, "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom."

In a rather… revealing interview with Howard Stern, "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham said, "I masturbate to . . . I like to watch my own video."

Abraham, 22 and mother of 3-year-old Sophia Abraham, continues on to say, "I mean, I've had my video for a while so I've seen it . . . a lot."

She seems to be holding nothing back during this interview.

Abraham apparently stood by her claim that her XXX-rated tape was originally filmed as a private "home video" but was then leaked.

According to US Weekly, not everyone on Stern's staff believed her. "She's sitting here lying," JD Harmeyer argued. "It was a pre-meditated tape."

Of course, Abraham denied that it was a pre-meditated tape, and when she does, Harmeyer sarcastically responded by saying

"You're not everywhere trying to get your picture taken on the beach."

Abraham fired back by saying, "You're an angry individual. You really need to go take care of yourself."

What Abraham meant by "take care of yourself" is still up in the air, but it seems that she had no hard feelings against Stern or the show, considering she tweeted the following two tweets:

— FarrahAbraham (@F1abraham) June 12, 2013


It would seem like a safe bet that Abraham is soaking up what she can from her media exposure, even if she claims that she doesn't go looking for the attention.

She just continues on with her life as if nothing happened, or at least that's how she portrays herself.

Farrah Abraham's admission to Howard Stern that she pleasures herself to her own sex tape is just one more thing the world probably could have lived without.

Check out the video below for some of the comments from the show!

[Image via Huffington Post]