‘Castle Of Illusion’ Squeaks Out An E3 2013 Trailer [Video]

Castle of Illusion just dropped a new E3 2013 trailer!

Mickey Mouse has been busy, and he’s looking to repeat his previous feats in the new Disney title Castle of Illusion.

The original Castle of Illusion was released on the Sega Genesis. You know, the console that Nintendo wasn’t behind and boasted blast processing? Yes, that one.

Following on the heels of another recent Disney remake, Duck Tales Remastered, Mickey Mouse and friends are working to ensure the Castle of Illusion is ready for another romp worth taking.

Castle of Illusion is a game where Mickey Mouse is set to storm the castle in a 2D platform adventure where he must save Minnie Mouse from the evil witch Mizrabel, who wants to steal Minnie’s youth. Along the way he must collect seven gems with which he can then create the rainbow bridge in order to reach Minnie Mouse and the witch. Disney’s classic title will have you using apples and marbles as projectiles against enemies and bosses in six different levels, gaining points to be used for extra lives.

The remake will be expected to use 2.5D gameplay and extra content to keep even veteran players happy.

The E3 2013 trailer below for Castle of Illusion begins with the words, “The beloved Genesis classic … reimagined.” Then we see Mickey Mouse running from what looks like a giant apple rolling after him a la Indiana Jones.

We then see him jumping and getting height off a plant of some kind in a forest of gnarled looking trees, and then exiting a pair of doors on the opposite side of one of the trees. We are treated to a barrage of platforming elements as Mickey Mouse hops here and there on a rocky path, then bouncing off a mushroom.

Overlaying words boast, “All new graphics,” before we see Mickey Mouse navigating through an army of toy soldiers.

Castle of Illusion will be available to download on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC later this year.

Are you excited to play Castle of Illusion? What do you think of the E3 2013 trailer?