Naomi Watts Plays Princess Diana In New Trailer [Video]

A new trailer for the film Diana starring Naomi Watts as Princess Diana has been released on the internet.

The film, which will hit theaters in the UK on September 20, focuses on the final years of Princess Diana’s life.

Watts has already been praised for her “uncanny” resemblance to the late princess but the actress doesn’t think that she looks too much like Princess Di.

Watts said: “I don’t look like her and I’m certainly not impersonating her. I’m hoping to catch the essence of her.”

The Inquisitr reported last month that Diana is being positioned to win a couple of Oscars. Watts, who has been nominated twice for her work in The Impossible and 21 Grams, could find herself in the Oscars race against her friend Nicole Kidman, who, oddly enough, is playing another doomed princess in the movie Grace of Monaco.

It’s a little too early for Oscar talk and the new trailer doesn’t give much of a look at Watts’ acting talents. Instead, the new trailer flashes a few images of Princess Diana as she is chased by the paparazzi and does some global charity work.

The film is being directed by Olivier Hirschbiegel and will hit theaters in the UK this September. A release date hasn’t been announced in the United States but Variety reports that Diana will likely come stateside before the end of the year.
Dylan Wiley of Entertainment One, the company that purchased the US rights to the film, said: “Diana will give audiences worldwide a chance to not only fall in love with the Princess all over again, but also discover a part of her life up until now kept out of the public eye.”