7 Amazing Modded Game Consoles

The varied world of modded game consoles throws up all sorts of bizarre and brilliant wonders. Here are SEVEN of the best:

1. “God of War” PSP mod: This incredible God of War-themed PlayStation Portable features hand-sculpted symbols and real chains around the edge of the console. The front buttons were replaced with copper versions, while the shoulder buttons glow red when the console is powered on. [Source]

2. “Metroid” Nintendo Wii mod: The brilliant Metroid franchise gets a modded Wii to call its own. With its red and orange finish, this mod matches the armor of Metroid heroine Samus Aran, while the series’ logo proudly adorns the side. [Source]

3. “Halo 3” Xbox 360 mod: Back when Halo got people REALLY DAMN EXCITED and Modern Warfare was naught but a green rookie, modders at Maxconsole created this eye-catching mod, complete with posing Spartans and stylish matching controllers. [Source]

4. Steampunk PS3 mod: Worn wood, tarnished brass, those gorgeous rust effects. Steampunking stuff is rad, and this is why. [Source]

5. “Zelda” Nintendo DS mod: This Zelda-themed Nintendo DS mod keeps things simple, yet classy, with a die-cast metal Zelda crest that rotates according to how you hold the handheld, and subtly illuminates while being charged! [Source]

6. “The Beatles: Rock Band” Xbox 360 mod: The only console mod in this list to be produced by a company, but can you blame me for its inclusion? An unknown number of these individually numbered Beatles: Rock Band Xbox 360s were created around the game’s release, with some going for more than $7,000 on Ebay.

7. “Metal Gear Solid 4” PlayStation 3 mod: And it’s back to the fans for our seventh and final console mod, this mouth-watering tribute to Metal Gear Solid 4. This beautiful beast is even signed by legendary series creator Hideo Kojima! DO WANT. [Source]