‘Duck Dynasty’ Family To Release Christmas Album ‘Duck The Halls’

The Duck Dynasty family has created an empire with its duck call and decoy company and a top-rated reality show, and now the Robertsons are trying to take on the music world as well with the release of a new album.

The Robertson family, featured in the A&E reality show, announced that they will release a Christmas album this upcoming holiday season. The album, Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas, will be released through Universal Music Group Nashville.

Duck Dynasty showcases the many talents of the Louisiana-based Robertson family, who run the multi-million dollar company Duck Commander. Aside from his business acumen, patriarch Phil Robertson was once a gifted athlete at Louisiana Tech, but opted to leave the sport to focus on hunting and fishing.

Robertson said he had a good chance at making the NFL, a path taken by his former teammate Terry Bradshaw. Robertson said he didn’t regret the decision, which allowed him to make duck hunting season.

“They said, ‘Why don’t you go in the NFL and play football?’ In the ‘60s, the late ‘60s, the going price was $60,000. You make the team? 60 grand. I thought, ‘And I miss duck season? And I have large, violent… men chasing me trying to stomp me in the dirt?’ It just seemed like a lot of stress and not a lot of money.”

Apparently the rest of the Duck Dynasty family is just as talented. The family members grew up singing in church and are looking forward to showing off their musical skills on the new album.

“Faith, family and ducks — in that order — have always been our priorities,” said reality star Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander. He added: “Christmas is an important holiday for us not only because of our strong faith but also our holiday family traditions. We’re having a great time making this album. We hope you enjoy it.”

The Duck Dynasty family Christmas album will be released October 29.