Pizzaghetti Slushy Now Available In Canada [Video]

A so-called pizzaghetti slushy is now available to adventurous eaters in Canada.

In parts of Quebec, some people have an affinity for a meal that combines both pizza and spaghetti. While that sounds relatively harmless — particularly for those of us who love both dishes — the idea of chugging it down as a slushy doesn’t immediately sound appealing.

Even the dispenser is a little unappetizing. The machine appears to be stuffed with pizza and spaghetti that’s just waiting to get processed and served to you in a cup. In actuality, the pizzaghetti slushy is just a marketing gimmick to get people interested in the product.

The convenience store chain Couche-Tard is currently offering the unusual beverage to its customers. According to The Huffington Post, the drink is not unlike those Slush Puppies you fondly remember as a child. In this particular case, the slushy is designed to look like pizzaghetti.

Although the idea of consuming an ice-cold version of pureed pizza and spaghetti is enough to make some people retch, the drinks themselves do not taste like their namesake.

Delish reports that Couche-Tard’s pizza slushy tastes like kiwi, while the spaghetti drink smacks of strawberry. In other words, you’re not actually drinking anything that remotely resembles a pizzaghetti slushy.

In order to spread the word about the product, the convenience store chain has unveiled a 30-second commercial that’s getting some attention all on its own. The clip features a giant slice of pizza and a spaghetti woman making out in a park. It’s the sort of video that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.

What do you think about the pizzaghetti slushy that currently available in Canada?

[Image via Imgur]