Cuil Is Now Taking The Piss Out Of Itself With Cpedia

It’s one thing when the name of a company because a word commonly used to describe a failed web product, but its seems that search engine Cuil is in on the joke with a new service called Cpedia.

In theory, Cpedia is an automated version of Wikipedia, or as Cuil describes it “we find everything on the Web about your topic, remove all the duplication and put the information on one page.” It might sound good in theory, but practice is another matter.

For example, take my Cpedia page. Here’s some highlights:

TechCrunch’s Robin Wauters celebrates his blog’s top position, Duncan Riley is pretty pissed off.

Duncan Riley he of The Blog Herald, Weblog Empire, b5media, TechCrunch, and now The Inquisitr speaks with Richard Jalichandra. Duncan Riley edits The Inquisitr, a daily dose of tech, pop and penguins, and is also a regular on FriendFeed.

The two kids that tell him to take a hike are Michael Arrington an Duncan Riley.

The following post was submitted by Duncan Riley from the Blog Herald, Weblog Empire and b5media.

What do Louis Gray, Thomas Hawk, Duncan Riley, Cyndy and Mona talk.

And that’s just the intro!

It’s not just my entry though, they’re all like that, complete and utter useless gibberish. There is absolutely no way a company could launch a product like this and expect it to be taken seriously, which is why we’re giving props to Cuil today for taking the piss out of themselves. Who knows, it’s that funny it might actually work :)