Sergio Garcia Approaches Tiger Woods With Handshake, Hopes To Bury The Hatchet

Sergio Garcia approached Tiger Woods on Monday, offering a handshake and what appears to be an end to a feud neither golfer seemed to want.

The two had shared a few testy exchanges through the media ever since Garcia accused Tiger of unfair play during the The Players Championship in May. Garcia said Tiger took a club out of his bag, eliciting a cheer from the crowd just as Sergio was trying to swing. Tiger denied he did it on purpose and said he believed he had permission from the course marshals.

There were more testy exchanges between the golfers through the press, including what appeared to be a racially insensitive comment by Garcia. When asked if he and Tiger Woods had ended their feud, Garcia responded with what seemed a racial remark.

“We’ll have him ’round every night,” Garcia said. “We will serve fried chicken.”

Garcia apologized, and both golfers appeared ready for the feud to be over. During a news conference at the Memorial Tournament, Woods said the drama with Garcia ran its course, whether the two golfers talk it out or not.

“That’s already done with,” said Woods, responding to a question of whether he would talk to Garcia about the spat.

But Garcia seemed to want to bury the hatchet in person. While at the BMW Championship three weeks ago, Garcia said he hoped to get a chance to talk to Woods.

“We talked to his manager and asked him if he wanted us to call Tiger, or wait for Merion and do it there face to face,” Garcia said. “And they said they would rather do it there. There’s nothing we can do, so we’ll wait until we get there and we’ll talk.”

On Monday he took that chance in what was the first time Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods met in person since the incident. They shared a brief exchange after a practice round, sharing a handshake on the driving range.