Apple Has Paid $10 Billion To App Store Developers, Now Claims 1 Million Daily Visitors

Apple CEO Tim Cook started his Monday night keynote at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) by relaying some of the impressive statistics associated with Apple developers and the Apple Apps Store.

According to Cook, the five year old Apple App Store has now served more than 50 million app downloads while hosting more than 900,000 apps of which 375,000 have been created specifically for Apple iPad devices. Cook revealed that 90 percent of all apps are downloading on a monthly basis thanks to 575 million App Store accounts. Cook also revealed that one million of those customers now use the Apple App store daily.

Cook also revealed that most Apple customers now have a credit card on file and many use one-click purchasing to obtain Apple products. Cook believe Apple now has more credit cards on file than any other company on the internet.

According to Tim Cook, Apple has now paid more than $10 billion to developers, and he believes that amount is “three times more than all other platforms combined.”

Cook’s own analysis points to Apple controlling 74 percent of all developer revenue compared to 20 percent for Android and 6 percent split among Blackberry, Windows Phone OS, and other mobile platforms.

Keeping with user account numbers, Cook also revealed that more than 300 million people now have iCloud accounts, a number that would make iCloud the “fastest growing cloud service ever.” Cook also revealed that Game Center has registered 240 million users while iMessages have sent out 8 billion messages. Apple has also pushed out 7.4 trillion push notifications through its iCloud platform.

So how did those numbers come about? Apple has now sold 600 million units, devices Apple says are used 50-percent more than Google Android when it comes to logging onto the internet.

Tim Cook also notes that Apple iOS 6 now takes up 93 percent of all iOS devices while Google Android Gingerbread still only controls 37 percent of the Android market. Cook pointed out the Apple versus Google numbers to showcase how Apple devices don’t suffer from the fragmentation issue of Android devices.

Are you impressed with Apple’s App Store and device purchase/use statistics?