Rumor: 'Man Of Steel 2' Already In The Works?

Patricia Didelot

UPDATE: This rumor is being confirmed as fact by's Nikki Finke

Man of Steel had its world premiere red black carpet in NYC today at it hasn't even been shown to the public at large, but there are already talks of a sequel.

These rumors are mostly generated by overexcited fans, but, from insider reports, the screenings of the film for Warner Bros. executives went very well, and that leads some to believe that a part two might be coming.

Zack Snyder, who is long thought of as the director for Justice League, a film in which all superheroes come together, has said that he wants to develop Superman, the character further before including him in Justice League.

Initially, Snyder and writer David S. Goyer's goal was to avoid disaster. Now it seems like they have done more than that with Henry Cavill doing a very credible job as the red caped superhero.

The website ThinkMcFlyThink reported last week that the reviews about Man of Steel at WB were indeed very good and execs were thrilled with the final product. One comment was AMAZING while other viewer said they liked it, with reservations.

In this version of Superman Snyder has chosen to make General Zod, played by Michael Shannon, the villain, but let us not forget, there is also Lex Luther who is usually depicted as his main antagonists in other versions.

There is always the further exploration of Superman/Clark Kent's relationship with reporter Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams. In this reboot, she has a more prominent and active role in the superhero's missions to save the endangered.

These are, of course, early rumor days, but if you are a fan of the character, you should be very excited. Zack Snyder is one of the best action directors of our time and he seems to have delivered with this remake.

More updates are sure to come, hopefully with confirmation of a Man of Steel 2 sometime in the near future.