Rafa Nadal Wants Down Time After Historic French Open Victory

Rafa Nadal is the brand new French Open champion. But he doesn’t want to be partying it up after becoming the only man to win the prestigious title eight times.

What Rafa is most looking forward to is to be left alone and return to the Spanish island of Mallorca where he makes his home when he is not globetrotting in the pursuit of titles.

He said that being a part of a big tournament like Roland Garros is something that leaves you with no life; you cannot act like your age, and, for the Spaniard, that is something very important.

Rafa Nadal is a superstar in his sport, but he apparently only lives for the victories as far as attaining a personal goal and not for the glitz and glamour that comes with having a recognizable name.

On Sunday, he beat his fellow countryman, David Ferrer, in straight sets with a convincing 6-3, 6-2, 6-3. This keeps his French Open title run intact, making him the first man in history to win the grand slam eight times.

Of whether he expects a big welcome when he arrives home, he said:

“No, honestly, I don’t think so. Maybe some of my friends, some of your friends from the press, but people down there are not doing that. I mean, they wouldn’t meet me at the airport.”

His attitude is not what you would expect from someone who is on his way to leaving an indelible mark in the tennis world. But the unpretentious player has always been known to like the quiet life with his friends and family.

Next up for Rafa is Wimbledon where he is attempting a third career victory. However, first in line is some much deserved relaxation with friends and family.

When asked if he is chasing nemesis Roger Federer and his 17 career Grand Slam titles, Rafa Nadal says, “Winning 17 grand slam titles, that’s miles away from me. I’m not even thinking about it.”

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Alison Henley / Shutterstock.com]