Nick Saban’s $11 Million Home Up For Grabs Later This Month

Nick Saban’s multi-million dollar home will be up for auction later this month.

The Alabama football coach’s lakefront house was scheduled to sell at auction last week. However, the company handling the sale of the property has postponed everything until the end of June.

Parties who are interested in snagging Nick Saban’s home will be able to do so on June 27. If you’re considering purchasing the house, then you’d better bring lots of money. The property at Georgia’s Lake Burton is valued at $10.95 million.

“There was a surge of late interest on the property, including a pre-auction offer from one of the bidders, which required consideration, and it became clear that allowing everyone ample time to perform their diligence was the right thing to do,” Concierge Auctions’ COO Mike Russo said in a statement.

He continued, “We already have registrations in hand from multiple well-qualified bidders, so at this point it’s simply a question of how much the property will sell for.”

Jim Suddes, who helped Nick Saban develop the property, said the new date should allow more people to have a look at the house ahead of the auction.

“The adjusted date will give all potential buyers more time to visit and experience the home. We look forward to announcing the new owner on June 27,” he explained.

The 9,600 square-foot house isn’t the only thing folks can bid on at the upcoming auction. A package featuring four seats in Nick Saban’s private family box will also be sold. All of the proceeds from these auctions will benefit one of the coach’s charities.

The house that’s up for sale isn’t the house Saban spends time at when he’s away from his coaching duties. This home is described as an “investment property” and has been on the market for about a year.

Nick Saban’s home will be available to the highest bidder on June 27.