Shawne Merriman Denies Overdose Rumor, Says He Was Dehydrated

Shawne Merriman is denying reports that he overdosed on drugs and alcohol last weekend, saying his hospitalization was instead due to dehydration.

Merriman was taken to a Los Angeles hospital on Sunday night for what was termed a “medical emergency.” The 29-year-old was reportedly taken from The Colony, a Hollywood nightclub, to Cedars-Sinai hospital with what was reported as an overdose caused by “ingesting an unspecified combination of alcohol and drug.”

On Monday Shawne Merriman contacted TMZ to refute the report, calling the overdose rumors “absurd.”

“I didn’t feel well and they called the ambulance for me to make sure I was good,” Merriman said.

After drinking some fluids, Merriman was told by doctors that he would be released.

The overdose rumors seemed to fit a media narrative of Merriman’s descent. The former linebacker saw his once-promising NFL career cut short by injuries. After playing for the San Diego Chargers for six seasons, he was signed by the Buffalo Bills in late 2010 but rarely saw the field as he dealt with a number of injuries.

He was cut by the Bills in August 2012, but signed a contract to return to the team in October and provide depth to the linebacking corps.

Merriman saw spot duty for the Bills, recording a key sack against the Miami Dolphins in a Thursday night win.

In March Merriman announced his retirement from the NFL after an eight-year career.

“My retirement from the game I love so much and from the game that has brought me so many opportunities on and off the field has been decided with great thought for my future on and off of the field,” Merriman wrote on his website.

On Monday Merriman took to Twitter to share his side of Sunday’s account with his followers.

It didn’t take Shawne Merriman long to recover from his medical emergency on Sunday. After he was released from the hospital Shawne returned to the same Hollywood nightclub he’d left earlier.