Patrick Schwarzenegger : Flexing Like His Father

Patrick Schwarzenegger has the family genes, which were revealed through a photo that he tweeted of himself flexing and showing off his abs. Make father proud, as the saying goes, and Patrick has taken it to the next level by flaunting his new look.

In early May, the young Schwarzenegger was kicked out of a Hollywood nightclub for reportedly getting into a bit of scuffle. Maybe his ever-growing muscles paid off, or maybe they’re the reason he got into some trouble in the first place.

Nevertheless, the former California governor can’t complain about his son’s newly found chiseled physique. Arnold was regularly viewed as one of the buff-est men in the world while he grew into a movie star with the likes of the Terminator series, but his son is now putting the family name to the test with ripples of his own.

Arnold’s son is currently a student at USC and his new look may go over well with the ladies. Patrick Schwarzenegger is also a model and aspiring actor, so buffing up can only help his career in both fields of work.

He tweeted the photo on Friday, along with the caption, “Early morning pump! Who is getting into shape for summer??!! Gonna gain 7 pounds this summer.”

It’s probably safe to presume that his plan of gaining weight will be through working out and eating right, so don’t be surprised to see another snapshot pop up in a few months of the even newer look. Here’s the photo he posted to Twitter on Friday that didn’t receive much attention until now.

Unfortunately, Arnold has yet to comment on his son’s photo, but I’m sure he’ll have nothing but good things to say about the big muscles and six-pack. Has Patrick Schwarzenegger stepped his game up to the level of his father?

[Image via Joe Seer | Shutterstock] [Post photo via Twitter]