Alex Jones Goes On Tirade, BBC Hosts Calls Him An Idiot [Video]

alex jones on bbc

Alex Jones went on a tirade on the BBC show Sunday Politics prompting host Andrew Neil to call him an idiot.

Jones, who runs the conspiracy theory website Info Wars, was on the show to talk about the Bilderberg Conference. Jones felt like Neil and guest David Aaronovitch, a journalist who attempts to debunk conspiracy theories, weren’t giving him a chance to speak his mind so he did the only logical thing that he could do: He started screaming.

Jones yelled: “Hey listen. You keep telling me to shut up. This isn’t a game!”

Neil tried to bring the show to a close after Jones started his tirade but it was hard to him hear over all of the yelling. The BBC host called Jones the “worst person he had ever interviewed” and apologized for having an “idiot on the program today” while Jones shouted “freedom” and plugged his website in the background.

Jones yelled: “Freedom will not stop, you will not stop freedom. You will stop the republic. Humanity is awakening.”

Jones, of course, is well known to American audiences. The Business Insider reports that he has over two million radio listeners, more than 250 million views on YouTube, and has appeared on shows like Piers Morgan Live. British audiences, however, aren’t accustomed to all the screaming.

Fellow guest David Aaronovitch took to Twitter after the show to share some of his thoughts about meeting Jones.

Here’s the video of Alex Jones on the BBC politics show. Skip to about the 8:45 mark if you want to see the 8 minute mark if you want to see the rant.