Cloody The Bunny Enjoys Relaxing Spa Bath [Video]

Cloody the bunny has become an Internet favourite thanks to the recent video of him enjoying a lovely relaxing spa bath.

It’s just as cute, if not more so, than The Inquisitr’s article which pictures a little bunny pushing a shopping cart full of carrots.

Although many owners always try and keep their pets as clean as possible ,not many of our cute and fluffy friends rush to the sink when we shout, “Bath time!”

Normally, the best we can hope for is pinning our pets down for a quick body scrub, followed by grumpy expressions for the rest of the day due to their displeasure of being bathed.

However ,Cloody isn’t your average family pet. According to his owners, the gorgeous tub hogging rabbit enjoys his bunny baths on a regular basis.

Furthermore, he will often stretch out to get the full benefit of belly rubs and shampooing.

Once Cloody has taken the time to truly enjoy his bath, he will then head outside to dry himself off in the sun, which has to beat being towel dried or worse, having the dreaded hair dryer make an appearance.

As if the sight of this relaxed and pampered bunny isn’t enough to get you cooing at your computer screen, the fact that he sometimes falls asleep while enjoying his bunny baths will definitely have you submitting to the cuteness of his spa routine.

Unusual and quirky pets aren’t anything new to people who virtually live on YouTube looking for the funniest and cutest animal videos known to man.

However, it is rare to see a rabbit succumbing to bath time in a way that’s almost human.

With such eccentric tastes, it feels like Cloody should be soaking his fur accompanied by a tall glass of wine surrounded by servants.

After all, how many bunnies do you see that look this sophisticated when they have a bath?

Whether you have seen many videos of bathing bunnies or none, there is no denying that this dashing rabbit will always demand bath time.

If his owners should forget, they might end up recreating scenes from Denver of crazed rabbits attacking cars, only this time around it wouldn’t be due to hunger.

One thing is for sure, Cloody won’t be giving up his bunny baths any time soon.

[Image via Pets Magazine]

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