2009 NFL draft one year later: Houston Texans

Is there a better grade then perfect? I mean, we are talking about a team that used the 15th overall pick to select the eventual 2009 Defensive player of the year. We are also talking about a team that added two quality pieces that helped them go from 22nd in yard allowed in 2008, to 13th in 2009. The Texans got solid pieces with almost every one of their picks, and injury hurt some of their year one production. A year ago I was very high on the 2009 Texans draft, sitting here a year later I feel a lot better about it.

A quick look at the 2009 Texans draft class:

•Round One (15)- Brian Cushing LB
•Round Two (46)- Connor Baldwin DE
•Round Three (77)- Antoine Caldwell OG
•Round Four (112)- Glover Quin CB
•Round Four (122)- Anthony Hill TE
•Round Five (152)- James Casey TE
•Round Six (188)- Brice McCain CB
•Round Seven (223)- Troy Nolan S

Ok, we can fault them for taking two TE’s. One of them went down early with an injury. Nolan was injured as well and was placed on Injure Reserve. Cushing has been dealt with, Baldwin played in every game, Caldwell played in 11 games, Quin started 11 games and had 68 tackles, and McCain registered an interception while playing in every game. That is a solid draft class, if I ever saw one.

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