Khloe Kardashian Has Told Kim Kardashian To Date Kanye West For Years

Khloe Kardashian approves of her sister Kim Kardashian’s love interest and is not afraid to talk about it. During a recent interview, the 28-year-old admitted that she’s been telling Kim to date Kanye West for years.

The tall brunette said that she’s known West for six or seven years and that he’s always been into Kim. “He just always was so obsessed with her — in a good way. And I just thought that was so cute, and she was like, ‘No we’re just friends or whatever.’ And I just was like, ‘I think that you two are so similar with fashion or whatever you guys are both into.’ And so I said ‘Just give him a shot.'”

“And then one day — I don’t know what happened, she acts like it was her idea, like I never said it, ‘Wait, I think I really like Kanye.’ And I was like ‘Hello! I’ve been telling you for years!” she continued.

Khloe also supports her older sister’s pregnancy, even if she is a little envious. She has been trying to have a baby of her own for a while now and has had to watch both of her sisters become mothers before her.

A source close to the Kardashian clan said that all members of the family will be around when Kim delivers her baby. “Even though there’s probably a little jealously on Khloe’s part — you know, that Kim’s having a baby before her — she will still be there to support Kim through it all.”

Khloe’s main focus right now is to look after Kim and make sure everything goes well with her pregnancy. Once Kim gets settled in, Khloe will try to start a family of her own.

“She wants to have children and start a family with Lamar,” the source said. “In good time all will work itself out.”

[Image via Shuttershock]