Amazon UK Customer Gets Partial Refund Over PS3 Removing “Other OS”

Sony PS3

One of the least used features on the Sony PS3 has to be the “Other OS” option, in fact it’s so little used that Sony actually pulled the OS from their systems, a move that helped one customer in the UK receive a nice little partial refund from their systems seller…Amazon.

According to the forum moderator “Lapetus” at NeoGAF used a European directive known as 1999/44/EC to request the refund since the removal of “Other OS” meant his system wasn’t “fit for the purpose which the consumer requires them and which was made known to the seller at the time of purchase.”

After mentioning the directive to Amazon Lapetus receive £84.00 back from the company with no need to send his PS3 back in for an exchange or return. Not a bad deal considering he’s had his PS3 for quite some time and it’s out of warranty.

Technically Amazon didn’t have to offer the user anything, Sony’s own contract gives them the right to revise settings and features without limitation. Although that revision is suppose to be used to “prevent access to unauthorized or pirated content, or use of unauthorized hardware or software in connection with the PS3 system.” So basically don’t use hacked firmware and then expect the refund if you live in Europe. [Engadget]